The Blame Game

Leadership is defined by setting the example, taking responsibility and ultimately creating an atmosphere that advances the vision. This is true in business and in government. Difficult times can be an opportunity to showcase true leadership and decisive decision making. It has been my experience that people are forgiving when things are less than perfect provided you level with them and admit wholeheartedly when you screw up. Perfection has never been an attribute of leadership. There is a sincerity in all leaders that is unshakeable.

America is beset with challenges that require leadership. Both Congress and the President continue to let America down. The BLAME GAME is strictly a default mechanism for those people who can not lead and don’t know how to be honest to the people they serve. The President continues to BLAME anyone and everyone in sight…

Obama Says He Inherited Economic Problems

Obama: Congress Is to Blame for Credit Downgrade

Obama Blames His Low Job Approval Rating On Congress…

Obama Blames Everyone & Everything But Obama

Enough Said?!

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