Libraries Struggle to stay Relevant

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The digital revolution has decimated newspapers, magazines, and much of the print world… what about the fate of libraries across America?

In the era of e-books, digital publishing and research via electronic information….. libraries are finding themselves on the short end of the digital revolution! Libraries worry they’ll soon become obsolete.

The question is… have libraries lost their usefulness and how can they stay relevant in the new digital age?

Libraries have always been a place where you can go to for peace and quiet, a place to read and think. In the ever changing world of technology and innovation libraries are struggling to stay relevant. If libraries are going to survive the digital revolution… then a revolution is what they’ll need. Libraries will need to focus on creating an environment that will not only attract people but an experience that will keep them coming back!

Remember the late fees on your overdue books? The New York Public Library just received one long overdue book…. it was from 55 years ago! The library manager said… the book arrived at the library with a check for $100 to cover the dues inside. The book by the way…. the biography of a 16th-century priest called “Fire of Francis Xavier” was checked out in upper Manhattan on April 10, 1958.

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