“Pass This Bill” Or Else!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Over 950 days into the Obama administration and finally a motivation from the White House to focus energy on creating jobs for the millions of Americans who are out of work. President Obama unveiled his ‘American Jobs Act’ in front of a Joint Session of Congress with a central theme and direct order for Congress to ‘Pass The Bill’. In fact, the President made the statement 17 times, yes I’m talking 17 times in one speech folks! At one point of the speech when it became apparent that the President was going to shove the ‘Pass the Bill’ down our throats, I was ready to grab a shot glass and start the drinking game. Had there been an advance notice from the White House, I believe the President could have easily jump started the job situation with a new generation of bartenders.

President Obama certainly gets high marks for ‘Persistency’ and ‘Consistency’ in his determination to convince Congress to ‘Pass the Bill’. The President however gets an ‘F’ in ‘Sincerity’ and ‘Confidence’. The speech was highly condescending to this body of leaders and lacked the confidence of a commander in charge of his agenda and ultimately his destiny. If you were to take a class on positive thinking on how to influence others – the very first lesson they would teach you would be to not bring up your differences, but better yet – focus solely on the positive.

All great leaders have one thing in common: they are great communicators! Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Harry Truman, Woodrow Wilson,  and Theodore Roosevelt come to mind as Presidents who were very effective communicators.

Every President has had difficult challenges and adversity at points in their administration. Every President has had to confront their critics head on to win their support. But not every President has been successful in understanding the English language and how to use the English language to convince the country that better days are ahead if you follow their leadership. Read more on What Makes a Great Communicator? on the Brink Thinking Blog.

If a President is going to succeed in moving the agenda forward, then he or she must be able to communicate honestly, effectively and confidently to the American people. It’s obvious that the President is taking a page out of the history books when he calls for a Joint Session of Congress to elevate his message. However when he talks down to the other legislative branches of government and attempts to force his agenda through a series of talking points and then wraps the entire speech in a brown paper bag that has written all over it – “Pass This Bill” Or Else – then it’s time to grab a shot glass!

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